The Michelob Marathon

The Michelob Marathon is Spotify’s first dynamic audio campaign. Spotify uses personal streaming history, intensity of your run, and where you live to create a very specialized playlist with oddly specific targeted ads for Michelob, even including the weather where you’re running.  The customer then has the opportunity to redeem prizes for their run.  

This is not the first time Michelob Ultra has targeted runners.  In 2017, they launched a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon” campaign where they sponsored races and cycling events all over the US.  

Tim Deeks, marketing manager for Michelob Ultra, said: “With Michelob Ultra, we want to inspire people to live an active lifestyle and the Michelob Marathon with Spotify is a great platform to do so.”  

Every beer company has a personality in advertising.  Bud Light owns using humor, Coors Light owns cold, Corona owns the beach. . . So, does this mean that Michelob Ultra owns exercise? Not what you would expect from a beer brand- it is bold and sets Michelob apart. 

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