Eyes Say More Than Words

“How the heck do you make eye exams and optometry interesting? There’s nothing sexy about an optician.”

-Pum Lefebure, CCO, Design Army

Advertising does the impossible by using storytelling to make even the most mundane things feel magical.  In Eyes Say More Than Words, the Quietest Library on Earth silence is protected by the “Quiet Guard” who shushes all sounds from the clicking of heels, to chewing of gum, and even wind created by the waving of arms.  The library’s patrons use their quaintly adorned eyes to start a revolution against him. They use an elaborate code or winks, glances, and eyebrow raises to create a mutiny for expression while showing off their elaborate eyeglasses.

The spot is glorious.  The beautiful old fashioned library, the wild yet classy designer clothes, the “unparallelled fashionable frames,” and the exoticly compelling narrations come together perfectly.  

The campaign takes it even further: “The world has become noisy with ineffective distractions and opinions,” says Pum Lefebure, Design Army’s chief creative officer. “It’s time to silence the noise (a bit) and join the silent revolution to hear and think more before we put it out there. Speak Less. See More.” You can actually “Join the Revolution” on Georgetown Optitian’s website.

Having grown up around Georgetown, I never thought I would read about a place I used to walk by on the way to Starbucks.  I think it is brave of an optometrist to take the initiative to have great advertising, and it has seriously paid off. This is just the latest in a series of cutting edge, weird and fantastic ads for Georgetown Optician by Design Army.I am so impressed with how Design Army managed to make Georgetown Optician so badass.  Georgetowners are posh and scrupulous. To create a world for them where eyeglass-wearing becomes electric and aspirational is optimal in the creative world. 

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