The Chicago Roastery

For those who worship, Starbucks in the morning is an important ritual.  But when you’re visiting the same shrine every day, it’s hard to keep the fire inside you ignited.  When Starbucks announced its largest Reserve Roastery was opening in our city, the zealots all praised the gods.  Finally- a cathedral for all fanatics to come together to honor their rite.

Although I do worship,  I was reluctant to join the celebrations at first, but once I saw this print ad the day before the grand opening, I knew I had to wait in line on opening day.

I admired the copywriting, and started thinking about why Starbucks is a great brand and what this opening means for the brand.  Located on Michigan Avenue, this location is more about the experience Starbucks can offer than anything else. The glass outer shell of the building makes it stand out on one of Chicago’s main tourist destinations.  Unlike the buildings around it, it has a modern yet welcoming look that matches the feeling of a traditional Starbucks in a non-traditional way. The inside of the store caters to travelers. Each floor features specialty cuisines and foods that aim to replicate traditional italian cafes and french pastry shops.  Though lesser celebrated by critics, my favorite attraction in the Reserve Roastery is the specialty espresso beans available from all around the world. The beans are for sale along with a coffee passport to encourage customers to try them all. This gives the consumer a sense of urgency to continue to explore all the options, and a feeling of special status to loyal customers.

Starbucks mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit.”   While the focus remains livening their customers daily routine, the growth of the Reserve Brand keeps people in awe of Starbucks.  The Chicago Roastery is truly a spectacle, (and so was the hour-long line I waited in on opening day.) This opening is a link in strengthening brand culture.  Starbucks has nurtured the human spirit by supporting local artists, offering college scholarship programs to employees, famously sending employees to an anti-racism training, and now- becoming tourist destinations. 

Consulted: Starbucks branding review

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  1. As someone who worked in Chicago at Starbucks from 1990-1994, I would love to one day visit the new Roaste y. I feel like my efforts in those early days helped it come to be. Also, it is trendy and easy to bash Starbucks these days, its easy click bait for the lazy bloggers. My REAL LIFE experiences at Starbucks found it much closer to your positive “spirit nurturing” perspective. My historical fiction novel, Tripio, is a good place to find more on this topic than there is space for here… just sayin’….Thanks!


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