The Most Creative Super Bowl Ad of 2020

“Famous Orders” McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad by Wieden & Kennedy New York is remarkable because of its audacity not to be just another Super Bowl Ad.  The 30-second spot highlights celebrity fans’, fictional characters’, and famous NFL players’ go-to orders. 

It is not obvious, but once you start watching – you’re hooked.  The viewer is intensely reading to see who orders what at McDonald’s.  The ad uses celebrity features and humor, but the creative team at Wieden & Kennedy did not opt to merely plug in the expected Super-Bowl ad formula for success.  This is something only a brand with great customer loyalty and tradition, like McDonald’s, could accomplish- and they did it perfectly.

McDonald’s is an icon, and the ad features iconic orders by icons.  Somehow, comparing Kim Kardashian West’s or Julius Caesar’s McDonald’s order to your own, the customer becomes a part of something larger than themselves- a community of icons, and maybe they are even an icon themselves just for lovin’ it too.

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