Creative Branding Through Covid-19

This eerie time can feel unthinkable and disheartening.  But there is always a silver lining, there is a reignited sense of community, and a special kind of togetherness that we feel by all being apart.

Among some of the many tragedies we will see, are the loss of small businesses.  One of my favorite things to see is the stand out small business owners who are fighting to stay open by continuing to come up with new ideas.

Barstool Pizza Reviews

Dave did not quit One Bite Pizza reviews when New York went into a state of emergency. Rather, he joined his viewers in staying at home, and continued reviewing pizzas by using popular frozen pizza brands. Rebranding to stay relevant, Barstool Pizza Reviews from Dave’s home have comprable views to his average pizza review posts.

Pritchard Music Academy

Local music academy in Gaithersburg, MD has joined the digital community by providing lessons over facetime.  Many businesses have had to move online during the pandemic, but doing music lessons online takes it a step further.  This is something that can help them not only stay in business for the time being, but also grow when the dust settles.


Clyde’s was known in the area for a higher-end choice for family’s Sunday brunches or celebratory dinners.  Without this option, Clyde’s rebranded. Clyde’s was known as a “home away from home” for many, and now they are bringing it to people’s homes. Now they are offering delivery for the first time ever.  

Ledo Pizza

Though pizza is a take out staple, Ledo’s is a locally owned pizza chain that was losing business after people started to stay home for the virus.  Ledo’s started providing make-your-own pizza kits, the perfect solution. Easy to sell, and great for families looking for ways to keep themselves busy.

Zoom Charlottesville 

As a local spin studio in Charlottesville, providing online classes was not going to cut it for Zoom to keep their doors open.  Rather than cutting their losses, the dynamic studio owners rented the bikes from the studio out to their customers. Now, Zoom can continue to operate online spin classes to their regular customers.  

Creativity is more than dreaming up great copy on just the right design, or the perfect cast for an advertisement.  Creativity is understanding the consumer in a way they didn’t know they could be understood, and then delivering.

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