Focused Creativity: Does Snapchat Advertising Work?

As a creative advertising student, social campaigns are completely taboo.  Our professors tell us that it’s a careless way to add OOH ideas to your portfolio.  My professor actually told us that Snapchat roll-outs don’t even count as a social leg of a campaign.

Maybe it is not groundbreaking or romantic advertising- but it works.  Not every creative campaign is good because it is new.  There is also value in campaigns with the highest returns.  (Something creatives don’t want to admit to themselves.)

In 2020, the most successful Snapchat advertising was those who used AR to create a try-on feature.  Gucci did it and saw a positive return on ad spend.  It is true that brands have been using AR for try-on features on different digital platforms since 2015, but given the context of this year it is a creative campaign. 

Creative isn’t always original.  It is using tools in context to achieve great things. (Don’t tell any creatives, but that can be sales for your client.) Albert Einstein said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” and he was right.

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