These designs are part of an assignment fort the fictional Windy Wear Clothing Brand. The brand is distinctive for its fashion-forward and sustainably-made outerwear that actually keeps their customers warm.  In order to celebrate the grand opening of the flagship store on Michigan Avenue, our team created a coupon card and gif that highlight the lively spirit and value of Windy Wear as a brand.  

The coupon card that will be handed out on Michigan Avenue before the opening uses the bends colors and logo to stay consistent with its identity.  The card also includes the tagline our team included on the hang, images we were provided with as well as shapes to exemplify how eco-friendly, socially conscious and relevant the brand is through:

  • Use of a transparent box around the promotional information to draw attention to it
  • Cropped images to include the rips in the models jeans to show that the brand can be very casual while also being professional.  The cropping also strategically removes the face of the model to make the image more universal
  • Copy that realizes the brands how to be portray their stylish, sustainable, and durable clothes
  • Use of a white box around the tag line to differentiate it

This is a gif I designed as for an assignment about the “Windy Wear” Clothing brand grand opening. The gif is intended to be used as an Instagram ad that would appear on young Chicagoans feeds in the weeks leading up to the Grand Opening.  The use of the logos, complimentary colors, and fun movement exemplifies how eco-friendly, socially conscious and relevant the brand is through:

  • Use of the jackets without the bodies or heads of the models to bring energy and universality to the piece
  • Cream color behind the logo to compliment the logo and help close the loop with the tan jacket featured
  • Copy that moves to the left of the image to recall the idea of it blowing away in the wind
  • Spirited, yet simple enlarging and shrinking of the jackets in order to bring a modernity and edginess to the traditional fashion pieces

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