“There’s a Draft”

*Open on stylish, young couple in their first apartment together.  The place is industrial, minimalist, and idealistic.  She holds his arm as they speak to the camera*

Woman: We love our loft.

Man: plenty of space, great views – (looking to woman) it’s a really nice apartment…

Woman *annoyed*: but there is… a draft though…

Man *hiding smirk*: yeah…

*Que NFL theme song/ draft introduction music*

Roger Goodell in fridge spraying whipped cream in mouth: Reinig “Big Game” champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, have the number one pick this year.

Players unfolding laundry as woman finishes folding, and holds up  the shirts to show their new teams.

*Woman looks to camera confused and frustrated*

*Roger Goodell tosses a football while laying upside down on the couch:  The Bills went for Epensia last night despite his below-average athleticism.  Gonna be an interesting year folks.

*Back to couple on couch* 

Man (trying to act positive): At least Geico makes bundling our renters and car insurance easy. It saves us a lot of money.

*Football player shouting from upstairs to go long as football flies through frame*

*window crashes, car alarm goes off*

Woman (nervously): and we could really use the money.

*Famous football players doing workouts on stairs*

Man (impressed, starstruck): amazing footwork

*wife looks to him, frustrated  that he’s encouraging it*

Man: *coughs, stops smiling, clears throat*  “Sorry”

Close with logo over loft

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