Targets I wrote for class assignment. We were asked to watch commercials for and say who we think the target market was

Vim Cream –

  • Moms ages 35-49, these are the ladies who make it all happen.  They might fall into the “soccer mom” category, but they are not just that.  They run their households, and still like to make time for family. This mom cares not only about general upkeep of her house, but beyond that she knows that she is responsible for turning their house into a home and making her kids lives important.

Miller High Life –

  • Men ages 35-50, but he’s not just a beer guy.  For him, drinking beer isn’t just about messing around with his friends.  He cherishes the drink and feels important because of which beer he chooses to drink.  He values tradition and american staples. He loves that as an upscale beer drinker he is a part of a special tradition of men that he carries on in his own choice to drink Miller High Life, the champagne of beers.

Tide To Go –

  • Boys ages 20-30.  He’s just getting used to having to take responsibility for himself, but doing his laundry takes forever.  He wants to be independent and start his professional career, but he life really is a struggle. He needs an easy fix, a tide stick.

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